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If you are a Mac user who demands an efficient tool to unzip RAR files, choose UnRarX. This tool is free and is very easy to use, especially due to its drag and drop functionality. So now you can comfortably deal with almost all sorts of archive.
The tool’s main controls are located in the top-right region of its main interface. As such, these functions facilitate you in browsing for any file, test and extract files to check if they are corrupt. Additionally, if any of your file is protected via password, simply click on the ‘password’ option to extract the archive.
However, do remember you can encounter few troubles specifically due to your file type. In case you encountered a CRC error, one or more of your RAR archives might be corrupt. Likewise, if you ever face the ‘UnRarX cannot extract archive’ message, you should re-direct the output results to any other drive or desktop, and not the default File Directory. These small glitches might make UnRarX somewhat tricky for any new user; still most individuals should find it smooth in its overall operations.
The tool may provide you tons of facilities, but you won’t find much developer support with it. In case you need help, go to its support page that has links to a bug report page and a forum, since you might find help there. Just remember that UnRarX only lets you un-archive RAR files and not create them.
Here are some recent changes in the tool:
• The tool is now available in a Universal Binary version.
• The tool has automatic update functionality.
For more information, visit the site:


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